Sunrooms, their health benefits, and how to furnish them

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From what we know about nature, the human body, and their relationship with each other, humans weren’t built to stay indoors the whole day. Unfortunately, business, culture, and our own habits have led us to spend most of our days indoors looking at a screen, either for work or for pleasure. For our own sake and the sake of our employees and co-workers, every office and home should have large windows or a sunroom to let some light into our indoor existence.

According to the Harvard Business Review, the number one attribute employees desire in their workplace is natural light, and for good reason. Research done by Cornell University Professor Alan Hedge shows that exposure to natural light leads to several significant health benefits, such as reduced eyestrain and headaches, increased alertness, and more work productivity.

You don’t have to work outdoors to reap these benefits; all you need is a bright and clear sunroom. Sunrooms are enclosed spaces with walls that consist of mostly transparent glass, resulting in unusually large and clear windows. If you have a sunroom in your home, it’s a great idea to set up your home office in that room. If you can’t set up a sunroom in your workplace, it’s at least a good idea to get some large windows built.

Wicker furniture pieces are some of the most popular choices for sunroom furniture. Natural wicker is made from natural, plant-based materials, while synthetic wicker is designed to replicate natural wicker’s organic, hand-weaved look. This makes wicker furniture work well in a tropical, nature-inspired aesthetic. Outdoor wicker furniture is also resistant to UV rays, making it ideal for areas with lots of natural light.

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