• Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Scientists from UC Berkeley has found and isolated a dormant stem cell in blood vessel walls that causes heart disease in old age. This finding, published in the journal Nature Communications, is considered a breakthrough as it contradicts all previous theories that explained why arterial hardening occurs.

Dr. Deepak Srivastava, director of the Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease at UCSF, explains the significance of these findings by saying, “These findings shift the paradigm … If the new data holds up, the target for treating vascular disease may be very different than what we’ve been aiming at … Maybe the reason we’ve met with limited success in treating heart disease is because we’ve been going after the wrong target.”

In other words, once this theory is tested to be true by other research organizations, a fresh approach will be taken by drug companies to find ways to shut down these negative stem cells even before it gets to the stage where someone has to face the threat of a heart attack.

The conventional approach, as mentioned above, has been to treat the heart disease when it forms, and with this discovery, once accepted, heart disease as we know it, will become a thing of the past.

Although Li conducted most of his research on mice, and awaits confirmation of this discovery by other research teams, what this does is cause medical professionals to question whether some theories that have been discarded or even those that are accepted as fact in today’s world.

But no matter what, the truth still is that there is much that we don’t know about the human body and our existence as a whole.


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• Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Articles Submit by Daniel at The Diet Solution Program Scam.

Detoxifying diets are designed to cleanse and purify just about any part of your body . Cleansing diet is programmed to be undertaken in just a short time . They may have over the counter herbal supplement, or natural detoxifying recipes .

Because of the cravings of food that abrupt change of food plan causes after cleansing diet, healthy cleansing diet recipe is given . Healthy cleansing diet recipe has also the same goal as other cleansing diets . They have the same objective that is in line with medical fulfillment . Bringing out toxins and improve the body’s systems .

Power smoothies are also part of the cleansing diet which makes it easy to lose weight aside from juice fasting. Smoothies reduce your urge to eat . Unlike an ordinary juice, smoothies are packed with ingredients proven to keep you full for hours . Whole fruits provide fiber for this healthy cleansing diet recipe together with the essential fats, soy or whey protein with the inclusion of wholesome yogurt . With juice fasting from healthy cleansing diet recipe, organs are revitalized, mental clarity is improved and others .

From the diet plan of healthy cleansing diet recipe, apple cider vinegar has been practiced for a long time. Aside from its cleansing purposes, it designed to facilitate weight reduction and proper circulation of health . This healthy cleansing diet recipe has a lot of minerals, vitamins and other substances which will be utilized by your body. You can also find amino acids, enzymes and apple pectin. The dietary fiber is produced by apple pectin which is necessary for a healthy diet.

A well-structured diet program is recommendable typically . An individual may find it hard to deal with the first few days of diet changes. There could be instances of cravings and headaches. People who passed the earlier stages make it easier all throughout the process . Generally, it takes 10 days for the cleansing diet to be effective and make them clean and revitalized in the end .

Low-fat foods should be listed from the diet structure of healthy cleansing recipes and no alcohol included. This diet allows the body, digestive system, colon and liver to rest . The completion of the diet program may bring the organs back to their normal function.

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• Saturday, July 02nd, 2011

Article by Ara Zakari of Latest Health News

There are some medical advisories that people usually ignore because the think that it is not that serious to worry about. When it comes to a person’s health, nothing should be overlooked or ignored, whether it is a simple cold or a cough because sometimes, these little things can be a symptom to a more serious medical condition. Take sharing stuff with your family for example, towels, brushes, even shoes. These things are usually ignored but once a viral infection somehow makes it through your system, it can make you sick for days. Most everyday household items could be vessels for viruses and bacteria.

Having hair lice or Pediculosis is one medical condition that people don’t take seriously. Hair louse is common in children and is very contagious. You can get lice by just sharing a hair crush or a comb. Contrary to popular belief, lice prefer clean heads because it is a better place for them to settle and breed. These pests can breed fast so it is important that you use a medicated shampoo to get rid of them.

Almost everyone in this world catches the common cold but if left untreated it can progress to a cough. Coughing can be very uncomfortable, especially if it is accompanied by phlegm. Once you are exposed to the cough virus, anyone in your household can catch it as well because cough and colds are airborne.

It is not advisable to self medicate, although most people do this, self medicating can be dangerous and can have serious side effects, so it is better to consult a doctor or physician when you feel like you are under the weather.

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• Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Get to know three major advantages of being on the SENSA® Weight-Loss System.

Written by SENSA®

Have you heard of the SENSA® Weight-Loss System? Millions of men and women around the world have been using SENSA® Advanced to help them reach their weight loss goals. The product is unlike most weight loss programs because it doesn’t use diuretics, drugs, or stimulants to help people lose weight. In fact, it’s made up of ingredients found in everyday food, including a key ingredient that helps support a healthy metabolism. So why haven’t you heard of it?

Even though there are many SENSA® reviews that boast positive results, there are still some people who don’t know a thing about SENSA® Advanced. Here’s a look at the top benefits of the SENSA® Weight-Loss System and why it might be the best solution for your weight loss needs.

You Can Eat Your Favorite Foods*

Tired of diets that tell you what you can’t and can’t eat? One of the best benefits of the SENSA® Weight-Loss System is that you don’t have to go on a strict diet or deprive yourself of some of your favorite foods. Sure, the point of the program is to help you eat less, but at least you don’t have to go on a restricted diet. Instead, you simply sprinkle SENSA® Advanced on your snacks and meals. The Tastants help your feel fuller faster and therefore stop you from overeating.

Even though you can still eat your favorite foods, it’s important to note that SENSA® Advanced encourages users to eat healthy foods, including plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.

SENSA® Advanced Controls Cravings

Are you a slave to your cravings? It’s hard to control a craving once it hits, especially if there are delicious cookies and other unhealthy food choices within arm’s reach. But most cravings occur when we’re hungry. For example, if you skip a meal, and your only opportunity to eat healthy foods, you’re more likely to grab the cinnamon bun in the break room. However, SENSA® Advanced helps users control cravings because it helps them stay full longer. A person with a full stomach is less likely to get attacked by a sugar craving.

Supports A Healthy Metabolism

While there are many ways to support a healthy metabolism, one simple and effective way is to sprinkle SENSA® Advanced on everything you eat. Why? SENSA® has a key ingredient for that very purpose. SENSA® Advanced contains chromium, a nutrient that helps people metabolize fats and carbohydrates.

The SENSA Weight-Loss System is a 6-month program with each month containing a new proprietary blend of sprinkles. There have been a few SENSA® complaints compared to many positive reviews.

SENSA® advocates a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and portion control.

You can purchase Sensa on Ebay.

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• Wednesday, July 09th, 2014

Written by Stephanie Lichtenstein Ramos

People who are prone to allergies need to be more careful when they live their lives. Because of the fact that an allergic reaction would result in you having stuffed and clogged noses, headaches, irritated eyes, and facial pressure as well. Although modern beddingcan provide you with solutions such as hypoallergenic sheets, these products can only do so much if you don’t do your part. The main reason why you may have an allergic reaction to your bed sheets is first, you may have sheets that are infested with dust mites; second, you may have an allergic reaction to the detergent that you’re using to clean your sheets; and third, it may be due to fragrances that you use on your sheets when it comes to laundry. Consulting a doctor, preferably an allergist would allow you to pinpoint the main cause why your sheets cause havoc on your body! Assuming that it’s not the second nor third, let’s assume that your sheets are infested with dust mites. If you think that keeping your room clean will rid your room from dust mites, think again. Because chances are, you may be using your sheets for an extended period of time. Our bodies see dust mites as a threat, which is why you experience the allergies. Prolonged use with the same sheets can cause dust mites to change residence and even set up a colony there. To sum it up, you need to regularly change and clean your sheets in order to avoid these dust mites.


If you want quality quilts, you have definitely come to the right place. You can find an assortment of designer brands at BeddingStyle.

• Thursday, June 19th, 2014

Writtenby Paleo Forever

Like so many trendy topics, the Paleo Diet has been largely misunderstood by many since it took off a few years ago. So if you’re looking to lose weight, gain strength or just get into better shape, you may have looked into the Paleo Diet but been confused by some of the controversy or misinformation surrounding it. So keep reading if you’d like a straightforward explanation of what it is and how it works.

The Paleo Diet doesn’t have one central source or inventor. Instead, it’s a collection of adherents who have amassed over the years, along with a vast amount of information. What the diet is based on is the belief that nature designed humans, through evolution, to eat a certain type of food. This might differ somewhat based on where you’re originally from, but generally speaking that diet will entail meat, eggs, produce and water. Basically, you’re too eat natural options you could find out in the real world if the agricultural and industrial revolutions never happened.

When we stray from this diet, our bodies pay the price in terms of gaining weight and overall health.

That doesn’t mean that Paleo Dieters think you should give up all modern amenities though. They still believe in cleaning your food properly, cooking it and taking any other natural precautions. They also don’t necessarily stay away from contemporary versions of selling foods. While they favor organic food, they know this is not always an option and don’t take issue with accepting that.

Paleoforever provides tips, guides and recipes for the paleo dieter.  If you are looking for something sweet, there is a round up of paleo desserts and paleo chicken recipes for something more savory.

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• Friday, June 13th, 2014

Written By: Carlo Badalamenti

There are many things at home that we tend to ignore because we do not see the importance of it. Take cleaning for example. Some people do not clean at a regular basis because they are too busy and they think that we can just put off cleaning. That is a misconception because cleaning is very important especially if you value your health a lot. If you are always sleeping or lying at home because you are taking a break or resting from work, then more often than not you will be lying on your cushions or mattresses. If the dryfast foam on these are not clean, then you might just have put yourself at risk. If you breathe in specific bacteria or dirt, this might be harmful to your lungs and you just might have given yourself a problem. If you think that you foam is already dirty, we highly recommend that you take the time in cleaning them so that you will not have to worry about its cleanliness. There is also another thing that you can do, which might be a better idea. You can always go to a store and purchase for yourself new foam to replace your worn out cushions or mattresses. This is nice also to do if your cushions are too old and cannot be cleaned thoroughly anymore. We must all accept the fact that things will eventually wear down and material things have expiry date especially if we use them a lot.

Head on down to Foam Factory, Inc. and purchase things to replace your worn down cushions. Remember that cushion replacement is important to keep your house clean.

• Thursday, June 05th, 2014

It’s a common thing for people to be hesitant to tick off the organ donor box when applying for their license but it’s really not necessary.

Once you understand how being an organ donor works, you’ll find it to be a worthy cause. That said, here are 4 organ donor myths that you should know about:

#1: My organs are going to be donated automatically

In a number of US states, if your next of kin decides that donating your organs isn’t advisable, then it won’t be done. Usually, their wishes are considered since that would be the last thing on their minds. So, if you wish to be an organ donor, you will still have to talk to them about it.

#2: A doctor might declare you dead before you actually are

While there are stories of people going home safe and sound despite being declared brain dead, physicians are the last people who want to be in that position to declare it wrongly. They’re not around to create donation possibilities either.

#3: Doctors wouldn’t consider saving my life a priority

No matter whether you are an organ donor or not, physicians hate losing patients. There’s no way they will not consider this as a priority. Moreover, the people who approach you for an organ donation are hardly the same people treating you if in critical condition.

#4: If you’re rich, you can get an organ transplant quicker

It really doesn’t matter if you are rich and famous. That won’t ensure that you get to the top of the list. Since the database of organ donors is controlled at a national level, noone can tamper with the waiting list.

However, one way by which you can get to the top of a list is if you have donated a kidney earlier and are currently experiencing issues now.

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