• Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Scientists from UC Berkeley has found and isolated a dormant stem cell in blood vessel walls that causes heart disease in old age. This finding, published in the journal Nature Communications, is considered a breakthrough as it contradicts all previous theories that explained why arterial hardening occurs.

Dr. Deepak Srivastava, director of the Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease at UCSF, explains the significance of these findings by saying, “These findings shift the paradigm … If the new data holds up, the target for treating vascular disease may be very different than what we’ve been aiming at … Maybe the reason we’ve met with limited success in treating heart disease is because we’ve been going after the wrong target.”

In other words, once this theory is tested to be true by other research organizations, a fresh approach will be taken by drug companies to find ways to shut down these negative stem cells even before it gets to the stage where someone has to face the threat of a heart attack.

The conventional approach, as mentioned above, has been to treat the heart disease when it forms, and with this discovery, once accepted, heart disease as we know it, will become a thing of the past.

Although Li conducted most of his research on mice, and awaits confirmation of this discovery by other research teams, what this does is cause medical professionals to question whether some theories that have been discarded or even those that are accepted as fact in today’s world.

But no matter what, the truth still is that there is much that we don’t know about the human body and our existence as a whole.


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• Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Articles Submit by Daniel at The Diet Solution Program Scam.

Detoxifying diets are designed to cleanse and purify just about any part of your body . Cleansing diet is programmed to be undertaken in just a short time . They may have over the counter herbal supplement, or natural detoxifying recipes .

Because of the cravings of food that abrupt change of food plan causes after cleansing diet, healthy cleansing diet recipe is given . Healthy cleansing diet recipe has also the same goal as other cleansing diets . They have the same objective that is in line with medical fulfillment . Bringing out toxins and improve the body’s systems .



Power smoothies are also part of the cleansing diet which makes it easy to lose weight aside from juice fasting. Smoothies reduce your urge to eat . Unlike an ordinary juice, smoothies are packed with ingredients proven to keep you full for hours . Whole fruits provide fiber for this healthy cleansing diet recipe together with the essential fats, soy or whey protein with the inclusion of wholesome yogurt . With juice fasting from healthy cleansing diet recipe, organs are revitalized, mental clarity is improved and others .

From the diet plan of healthy cleansing diet recipe, apple cider vinegar has been practiced for a long time. Aside from its cleansing purposes, it designed to facilitate weight reduction and proper circulation of health . This healthy cleansing diet recipe has a lot of minerals, vitamins and other substances which will be utilized by your body. You can also find amino acids, enzymes and apple pectin. The dietary fiber is produced by apple pectin which is necessary for a healthy diet.

A well-structured diet program is recommendable typically . An individual may find it hard to deal with the first few days of diet changes. There could be instances of cravings and headaches. People who passed the earlier stages make it easier all throughout the process . Generally, it takes 10 days for the cleansing diet to be effective and make them clean and revitalized in the end .

Low-fat foods should be listed from the diet structure of healthy cleansing recipes and no alcohol included. This diet allows the body, digestive system, colon and liver to rest . The completion of the diet program may bring the organs back to their normal function.

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• Saturday, July 02nd, 2011

Article by Ara Zakari of Latest Health News

There are some medical advisories that people usually ignore because the think that it is not that serious to worry about. When it comes to a person’s health, nothing should be overlooked or ignored, whether it is a simple cold or a cough because sometimes, these little things can be a symptom to a more serious medical condition. Take sharing stuff with your family for example, towels, brushes, even shoes. These things are usually ignored but once a viral infection somehow makes it through your system, it can make you sick for days. Most everyday household items could be vessels for viruses and bacteria.

Having hair lice or Pediculosis is one medical condition that people don’t take seriously. Hair louse is common in children and is very contagious. You can get lice by just sharing a hair crush or a comb. Contrary to popular belief, lice prefer clean heads because it is a better place for them to settle and breed. These pests can breed fast so it is important that you use a medicated shampoo to get rid of them.

Almost everyone in this world catches the common cold but if left untreated it can progress to a cough. Coughing can be very uncomfortable, especially if it is accompanied by phlegm. Once you are exposed to the cough virus, anyone in your household can catch it as well because cough and colds are airborne.

It is not advisable to self medicate, although most people do this, self medicating can be dangerous and can have serious side effects, so it is better to consult a doctor or physician when you feel like you are under the weather.

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• Friday, January 16th, 2015


Written by: Foam Factory Inc.

Kids require a lot of attention and love, and they can get into a lot of trouble if they are let loose for even a second. If you have a newborn in the house, it’s not too late to work on child-proofing your home to cut down on potential dangers. You’ll want to make sure that anything walking height is padded with polyurethane foam sheets, and there are several precautions you’ll need to take before you can let your child truly run loose without fear. Here are some tips on where to start.


One aspect of child-proofing that is often overlooked is storage. Shoddy can stacking can cause an avalanche for your baby, but you can use child locks on cabinets to prevent that sort of thing from happening. Make sure that you separate your storage as well, so medicine is not stored alongside food or beverages. Take special care to keep poisons locked away as well.

Using the Stove

When you need to get cooking down, opt for the back burners if you can. Most of us aren’t running four different pots and pans, so you can easily make the room on the stove. Remember to turn the handles of the pots and pans away from your baby, so they don’t accidentally reach up and tip over the pan. Don’t forget to keep kitchen ware, knives especially, from baby’s reach.

Bumper-Proofing the Home

High density foam sheets are excellent ideas to keep your furniture free from sharp or blunt edges. Babies are explorers by nature, and they will want to run everywhere their little legs can take them. They just don’t have a concept of height yet, and often don’t realize their own size. Unfortunately, their developing bodies are susceptible to serious injury from blunt force trauma, so adding some padding to your furniture is a great idea during those first few months of walking.

Flexible polyurethane foam is available with an adhesive backing, which makes the strips easy to apply and remove if you ever need to.

Final Thoughts

The living room isn’t the only place that needs attention. Your child’s bedroom, and the bathroom will also benefit from some attention. The toilet can be a hazard for drowning, and hair dressing tools left plugged in present shock hazards too. Walk the home with your spouse, and take note of various trouble spots that look perfect for little fingers and bodies.

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• Wednesday, January 07th, 2015


Written by: MovinCool

Hospitals have extremely specific temperature requirements that make cooling them a challenge. Unlike a residential situation, where cooling is used as a method of comfort, cooling is part of the healing process for hospitals. It’s no accident that hospitals are usually cold. In some cases, a portable ac is used to provide specific climate control for patients with special needs. Read on for some of the challenges hospitals face when it comes to regulating temperature.

Why Temperature Regulation is Crucial

One noticeable difference for a hospital air conditioning system is the sheer size of filter required to vent air outside. This is especially true when a hospital undergoes construction, as there is an increased chance that dust can get into the structure. Hospitals rely on their ability to remain clean and free from infection, so it’s crucial to use proper filtration and dust-barriers.

Temperature also affects living organisms, and may make it harder for a patient to get infected in the first place. Some patients require a warmer environment, while others must utilize portable air conditioners to keep their bodies regulated. There is also evidence that suggests a colder room in surgery can help to prep a patient for an easier recovery.

How Hospital HVAC Systems Work

Hospitals approach the design of their HVAC system with several considerations. For one, the system must operate efficiently because it will run around the clock most likely. Extensive thought is put into infection control, but the system must be easy to use as well. In addition, because such precise temperatures are required, the system must be accessible by only a select few people.

This means thought gets put into planning for what goes wrong when a unit breaks down, outlining likely scenarios based on response times. This is another area where a rental portable air conditioner can save lives.

Environmental comfort is important to the design as well, as a reasonable temperature needs to be set for everyone in the hospital. Functionally, these systems are very similar to commercial systems and use many of the same principles to cool rooms.

Final Thoughts

Climate control isn’t only a matter of convenience. There is scientific evidence that points to correlations between recovery time and a patient’s body temperature. Much care is put into regulating not just the air, but water temperature as well. Hospitals can easily become breeding grounds for terrible infections if they aren’t carefully monitoring their climates.

• Friday, December 19th, 2014


Written by: Bedding Style

Summary: Clean the linens in your bedroom to keep your bedroom safe and healthy.

You’ve seen the expose segments on TV: hotels that forget to change their linens! This is a very real problem while you’re travelling, but what about while you’re home? We often forget to change our linens without a second thought, leaving our bed linens to rest for months at a time. What sorts of consequences do we face? Read on for the ugly truth, and tips on how to fix the problem.


The most important reason is also the most basic: cleanliness. Simply put, sheets left on the bed for too long begin to smell stale and may show physical signs of dirt or grime. You might see the outline of sweat your body leaves, or other discoloration that is unpleasant. A simple wash will solve most of these problems, but severe stains may require new bedding altogether.


Over time, your duvet covers accumulate dust and grime that gets into the fabrics. A simple wash may not be enough to cleanse your bedding of dander that causes allergies. And that’s also not including pet dander, which can lead you to wash more frequently and fade colors. Sometimes, it’s best to have a few different bedding sets and rotate them.

Final Thoughts

Changing your bedding isn’t just a cleanliness issue, it’s a health issue too. Changing linens helps you keep the bedroom free from harmful particulates that may disrupt your sleeping patterns. Changing linens may also come down to necessity, as summer linens may not provide enough warmth for winter. It’s best to plan ahead and keep a few sets handy.

• Saturday, December 06th, 2014

According to the findings of a study in the European Journal of Preventative Cardiology, yoga can help in reducing the risks associated with cardiovascular disease just as other conventional physical activity such as brisk walking or biking might.

Senior author, Professor Myriam Hunink, based on the study’s findings, concludes, “Although the evidence of yoga’s beneficial effect in cardiovascular health is growing, a physiological explanation for this effect remains unclear. Also unclear, are the dose-response relationship and the relative costs and benefits of yoga when compared to exercise or medication. However, these results indicate that yoga is potentially very useful and in my view worth pursuing as a risk improvement practice.”

As for the study, researchers from both the Netherlands and the United States found this after reviewing results from 37 randomized controlled trials that had about 2768 subjects.

The study itself was conducted so as to determine whether yoga could be used to manage and limit cardiovascular disease risk factors while also ascertaining whether this form of exercise is effective in improving cardiovascular health.

The researchers also mentioned that the analysis of the results of yoga’s effectiveness was compared between cases who worked regularly as opposed to those who had no exercise.

The aspects that showed improvement were body mass index, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, low and high density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, body weight, total cholesterol and heart rate.

It was only with diabetes that no improvement was found while for the others, yoga was better than medication.

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• Sunday, November 09th, 2014

Written by Carlo Badalamenti

Latex mattresses are not all the same. The foam materials used to manufacture your beds can either come from natural raw materials or synthesized ones. Natural Latex is a better choice for those looking for environmental friendly materials in their home. These are biodegradable yet highly durable foam materials that can be used on mattresses and on furniture. Latex mattress toppers can last about a decade longer than their synthetic types.

Carlo Badalamenti from Foam Factory explains that the natural latex is a better choice for bed mattresses. First, it’s hypoallergenic, and unlike its chemically manufactured version, the raw materials are harvested from rubber plantations and are certified that no harmful toxins from adhesives and petroleum are present in the end product. Most home interior materials produce volatile organic compounds or VOCs in the air which can cause asthma and allergic reactions. This also makes the material anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and dust mite resistant. Natural Latex mattress topper is can help prevent skin allergies to those who are sensitive to VOCs. Because there are no VOCs, no chemical smells can be detected on your bed.

Apart from that, natural latex mattress Canada companies like Canada Foam by Mail can customize thickness and mattress sizes based on your interior needs. You can use it not just on your bed, but also on sofa seats and surfaces that require soft panels. Some companies can also create super plush natural latex foam, up to firm foam mattresses based on the rating prescribed by your doctor for orthopedic prescriptions.

Canada Foam by Mail offers custom latex mattress thickness and cuts for your home interior needs. Check out their product list online for different options on firmness and mattress material types.