Decreasing Calories With Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

There is simply no denying the fact that any and all young Americans enjoy going out to bars or fraternizing with friends on the weekend. That being said, in these party environments are often where diet and weight loss plans go completely off the rails; with beer, shots and other alcoholic beverages providing a plethora of empty calories to those who consume them. Therefore, it is essential for those who are on a diet to know about and use low calorie alcoholic drinks; and either make them at home or specifically ask for them at bars. In this way, the bad calorie intake can be avoided and a great time can still be had by all.

A simple way to start the process of lowering one’s calorie intake via alcohol is to switch over to light beers. Using brews such as Pabst Extra Light Low Alcohol, Molson Light, Natural Weight, and MGD 64 are all great ways to enjoy a beer but eliminate some of those unwanted calories. Additionally, another unrelated way to cut off some of the weight when going out is to consider sushi as an alternative to typical American cuisine. For a normal avocado roll, only 140 calories exist there and for a more extravagant version of sushi, such as the shrimp tempura roll, there are only 508 sushi calories there. These foods in conjunction with light beer are great ways to not only decrease the calorie intake to one’s body but to also enjoy great food and drink!