New Approach Necessary to Counter Obesity in Children, Reveals a Lancet Article

Article written by Weight Gone Now

In a new six-part series published in The Lancet, a study concludes that progress to counter the ongoing obesity epidemic, especially affecting children, is very slow and which demands a new approach.


Dr.Lobstein sums up this demand for a new approach, in saying, “Fat children are an investment in future sales. Undernutrition and overnutrition have many common drivers and solutions, so we need to see an integrated nutrition policy that tackles both these issues together to promote healthy growth for children.”

Children in the United States weigh 5 kilos on an average more than they used to 30 years ago, and there is clear evidence to suggest that they are consuming almost 200 kcal more per day than was consumed in the 1970s.

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Globally, only 1 in 4 countries have actually taken this issue seriously in implementing a policy of healthy eating up until 2010.

What makes matters worse is that although the rates of obesity have levelled off in a number of cities, this hasn’t been seen across the country so as to suggest that there is a clear decline in obesity at the population-wide level.

Given how children are targeted from a young age, governments are not taking any steps to protect them from obesity. Health officials believe that this can only be done by making smart food policies apart from cooperating with civil society and industry to break this vicious cycle.

What is also recommended, in order to counter this growing obesity trend, is the improvement of the training of healthcare professionals. Important elements of training should be to deal with biases about patient dealing with obesity as well as improving delivery strategies for care as well.