3 Smartphone Apps that can Motivate You to Stay in Shape

Written by: The Diet Solutions Cam

Getting motivated to stay in shape by exercising can be difficult even if you’ve motivated yourself enough to purchase exercise gear.

If you’ve had a problem with this for some time, then the answer to this might lie with what you can use your smartphone for.

That said, here are 3 smartphone apps that will motivate you to stay in shape:

#1: MapMyRun

This map is really very simple to understand and use. Since there are pre-planned routes for you no matter where you are in the world, you can track how many miles you’ve completed, your pace and how many calories you’ve burned too. While its standard version is free to download, it costs $4.99 to upgrade. photo RunKeeper_zpsikyj5r3q.png#2: Zombies, Run!

If you will run only because your life depends on it, then that’s the best motivation that you can find, even if it’s only an app. Instead of a calm afternoon job, you’ll have to run as fast as you can since your survival is at stake here. While it might not track your calories, speed and distance, it’s enough to keep you running and alive.

#3: RunKeeper

Yet it is also considered one of the best apps for both cyclists and runners who want to strive towards beating their goals. It’s not surprising that this app has already reached the 30-million download mark and counting. Not only can you track how fast you’ve run, how many calories you’ve burned but also how