5 Ways to fit fitness into a busy day

Attractive female doing exercise in her living room.She doing abs.

Most of us live busy lives with work, social engagements and family time taking up most of our day. Often the first thing people drop off their to-do list is fitness. Here are some tips to help you reach your fitness goals however busy your schedule maybe.

Make your workouts efficient – Know that you only need three 45 minute workouts a week to reach and maintain a healthy weight. Therefore, make each of your workouts count by including cardio and weights to your routine.

Work out in the morning – Waking up just 30 minutes earlier than your usual wake up time, will mean that you can work out in the morning and head to work. Morning workouts tend to be very productive as it means that you will have fewer distractions and have quiet time to complete your exercise.

Work out on Sunday – Using your usual lazy Sunday to get in your favorite workout is an excellent way to start the week. A Sunday workout will also mean that you will have a productive week ahead and be motivated to exercise the rest of the week.

Frontload or backload your workouts – If you have planned a holiday and will be unable to exercise while on vacation, look at completing your weekly exercises the days before your departure. Although working out three days in a row is not ideal, it still means that you are on track and following a routine.

Build a home gym – Your home gym will need a cardio machine coupled with a few free weights or kettlebells. Home gyms are great because they allow you to get a workout in whenever you can.