7 Undeniable benefits of listening to music

at-rxMusic has the ability to lift our mood and affect our lives in a positive manner. Here are 7 undeniable benefits of listening to music.

Music relieves anxiety- Studies have shown that music can distress and reduce symptoms of depression. Certain types of music can reduce symptoms up to 65%.

It can put you in a good mood – By simply putting your favorite tune on, you can instantly elevate your mood.

It can help you heal – Research suggests that people who listen to melancholy songs, tend to experience more empathy for themselves and to others.

Music can be motivating during a workout. – Music can increase your calorie burn and help you endure more during your workout.

It can improve your sleep – Studies conducted in 2008, showed that classical music helped to ease insomnia symptoms because music can put you in a meditative state.

It’s a major performance enhancer. – You can ace your tests, by simply listening to music while studying. Studies showed that music helped to elevate your mood, which helped people perform better under pressure.

Music sticks with you – Music has a way of taking you back to when you were young, to experiences and feelings. This can help you relive the good experience and feel the same excitement as you did before.

To make the most out of music, create a few playlists that help you through specific situations, be it a workout, a bad day at work or a night out.