Can I sue my dentist for breaking my tooth?

Any kind of dental procedure is complex and needs to be carried out meticulously. It’s difficult for the dentist to carry out the process, but it’s not any easier for the patient. And when a dentist makes unexpected mistakes due to their carelessness, things are much more difficult for the patient.

You might have gone to your dentist to remove your wisdom tooth, get a root canal treatment, or something similar. During then, due to a misplacement of the dental instruments or the hastiness of the dentist, another one of your teeth which was previously healthy, might have got damaged.

If you went to your dentist with a healthy tooth and came out with a broken one, then according to Dentist Negligence Injury Attorney Dane Levy, it most definitely counts as dental malpractice. And hence, you definitely have the right to demand legal repercussions.

A broken tooth does not only mean extra medical bills to repair it. It also means further risks, like an infection. Sometimes you need to get an artificial tooth or a new crown. All of these are extremely costly. And if your dentist is at fault, then they should take responsibility for it.

But if they don’t, you can always take help from the law. To confirm whether your case classifies or not and if it does, to fight it, having a lawyer by your side will help you greatly.

If you are in Los Angeles, then you can contact Dane Levy, a Los Angeles dental malpractice attorney who provides service all over California. He has years of experience behind such cases as well as an admirable success history.