What Causes Certain Eye Conditions?

Your eyes carry such a heavy workload on a daily basis, yet many people don’t realize just how fragile they are. Injuries to the eye are far more impactful than they are on other parts of the body. For example, a small cut on your hand can be painful, but can also be treated with a bit of antiseptic and a bandage. On the other hand, if the same injury were to occur on the eye, there could be far more severe consequences. Taking that into consideration, it is important to understand the various types of conditions and what could potentially cause them.

Blurred Vision

If your eyes are blurry, even when your contacts are on, it could be a sign of either dry eyes or improper lens cleaning. Seeing as the lenses are designed to fit your specific condition to clear up your vision, blurry vision may be a sign that you did not clean your lenses well enough before putting them on. It could also be a sign that your contact lenses are old and dried out.

Irritation and Red-Eye

If your eyes have become irritated and itchy, you may have an eye infection. However, don’t automatically assume just because they are itchy that you have some type of infectious disease. As bacteria tried enter the eye and spread, your body will naturally fight back and repel them. The bacteria initially feels slimy but also can turn crusty after it dries. An optometrist can examine your eyes and determine whether you require antibacterial drops or other forms of treatment and advise you on contact lens care.