Drivers with bi-polar disorder should think twice

Article by Delta Driving School

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in the State of California is responsible for ensuring that drivers on the road are both mentally and physically fit to drive. While this doesn’t mean that the DMV is going to be testing your cholesterol or asking you to step on a scale any time soon, they are going to ensure that drivers can demonstrate their fitness to drive.

Those who have been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder are subject to changes in mood, awareness, and consciousness. And, the prescription medications that are prescribed to those that suffer from this ailment can also cause impairment. Though mental issue should remain private between doctor and patient, the DMV is permitted to conduct an investigation should they receive information that a driver is unfit to drive due to the presence of bi-polar disorder.

The DMV’s concern around bi-polar disorder stems from the knowledge that those experiencing a manic episode can be reckless and aggressive when behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. On the flip side, someone suffering from a depressive episode may experience suicidal thoughts while on the road. Further, medications often work like a sedative and impair a person’s ability to drive.

The DMV can be made known of suspicion of bi-polar disorder in drivers in a myriad of ways.

Authorities have learned of the disorder while in contact with a motor vehicle operator

Medical professionals have reported a concern to the DMV

Friends or family members believe that the person is not fit to drive and have contacted the DMV

Individual drivers share too much information with authorities which raises awareness of the presence of bi-polar disorder

Tips from anonymous persons

Once the DMV is alerted to a situation or suspicion, they will either do nothing, request the driver to participate in a re-examination process, or will suspend the license and request the driver to participate in a hearing.

If you have received notice from the DMV that you are expected to participate in a re-examination process or that your license has been suspended and a hearing will be coordinated, know that you are entitled to defend yourself. You may wish to seek legal representation to ensure you are properly supported through the legal process. On a parallel process to this, drivers with bi-polar disorder should follow their doctor’s orders and treatment plan precisely. And take prescription medications only as directed, avoid the use of other impairing substances, and remain active in psychotherapy.

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