How to Live in Abundance Regardless of your Circumstances

Article provided by Zhang Xinyue.  

For each of us, the definition of Abundance may be a bit different. You may think of abundance as having to do with your family. Great relationships are wonderful. Most of us work hard to try and have positive and productive connections with those around us. This can often be even more fulfilling than having lots of money or an important title.  

Though this is a significant area for almost all humans, there are other things that contribute to abundance. These include:

  • Successful career
  • Happy marriage
  • Children
  • Money/home/things
  • Good health  

Even when all those areas are not working at one hundred percent, it’s still possible to have abundance in your life. This type of abundance comes from within. It comes from a deep place of knowing who you are and accepting yourself. You may not be perfect but you are living your best life. You are at peace with the world. Your life is full and rich—not because of all the stuff you own or the important people you know. But because you know the true meaning of an abundant life.  

Below is a quote that brings it all into perspective and helps us visualize the true meaning of an abundant life:   “Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.” ― Allen Saunders   We can make the choice to live an abundant life regardless of whether we ever attain perfection in each and every area. When we reach this place, we fully understand that abundance begins within each of us.  

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