Is Ibogaine Dangerous?

Ibogaine clinic in Mexico has been administering Ibogaine from Beond Ibogaine a clinic in Mexico safely for many years. There is significant evidence to prove that in the correct setting and done under the supervision of qualified practitioners, following guidelines set out by formal clinical departments Ibogaine can be safe to use.

Ibogaine for opiate addiction follows strict guidelines that were set up by professionals in the development of clinical programs that safely administer Ibogaine to patients. These rules were put in place by practitioners with years of experience in safely using Ibogaine to help people suffering from various addictions.

Alternative therapies for depression can include the use of Ibogaine, it is important to stress that to maintain a safe and healthy experience in using this alternative therapy for treating depression, one must be honest about pre-existing conditions which can have severe consequences. Just like any pharmaceutical drug Ibogaine can be toxic if it is improperly managed and administered as well as if the product is impure.

Two common reasons that can cause the use of Ibogaine to be a problem for a patient include a pre-existing cardiovascular condition and the withdrawal from alcohol or benzodiazepines. At Beond Ibogaine clinic, to ensure that the patients remain healthy and safe the clinicians will guide them through their withdrawal by taking it slowly and tapering off the dependence.

Beond is very thorough when they scan patients for their program. They will monitor and observe any preexisting conditions that are associated with cardio or substance abuse. The treatment center is reputable and has all the necessary guidelines and protocols in place.

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