Lumbar support: When cushions go flat

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Previously, we have talked about the importance of replacing your couch cushions because of allergens and pollutants building up after years of use. This is a major reason why getting new cushions can be beneficial to your health, but there’s another reason why replacing your cushions is a necessity after 7 years or so.

When your couch cushions go flat and misshapen, they are unable to provide lumbar support for your lower back. According to this article from the SFGate, this can result in discomfort, pain, and injuries to your lower back and vertebrae. This is because your spine has a natural S-shaped curvature that can be damaged when you sit or recline with poor posture. A lack of lumbar support causes your spine to be misaligned and your body is forced to compensate by slouching.

No furniture cushion lasts forever. After being worn out from years of wear and tear, your couch cushions will let you know that it’s time for a replacement. When you start feeling less comfortable after sitting down or when your chronic back pain is inflamed by reclining on your couch, then it’s time to get some brand new couch cushions.

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