Staying healthy in school

School kids can bring a lot of nasty germs with them and infect themselves as well as the rest of the family. Here are a few ways of reducing the risks;

Colds – If your child has a cold, tell them not to touch their face and to wash their hands often. Tell your child that they should wash their hands after gym class, after using the toilet and before and after meals. If your child has a blocked nose, give him, or her saline noise drops to reduce the symptoms of a cold.

Influenza – Influenza is a respiratory illness, and it can lead to chills, fever, body aches, and a cough. Most influenzas are transmitted through touch and The best way to stay protected is to keep getting the flu shot.

Pinkeye – Pinkeye will inflame the membrane lining of the eyelid and can cause itching, redness, eye pain, and blurred vision. The first symptom is crust around your child’s eyelids and eyelashes, often as soon as they wake up. Sometimes the white part of the eye can go pink or red depending on severity. Ask your child to wash their hands often and avoid touching their face and eyes if they are infected.

Strep throat – Strep throat makes for a very sore throat followed by difficulty swallowing. Strep throat can also include a fever with white and yellow spots on the tonsils. Tell your child how they should be health smart near sick pals in school, by asking him/her to keep their distance when a friend complains about having a sore throat.