Try not to worry about anything

Worry is known to be a useless exercise that is detrimental to our overall health and physical well-being.

Most often people will diligently think about worst-case scenarios. This generally happens over and over again during the course of the day. Most often this type of worry keeps us safe, but by being so vigilant it can also make us worry about the wrong things. These worrying thoughts leave us in fear of outcomes that will never materialize. This type of worry, psychiatrist say, leaves people stuck and unable to move forward.

Worry in this form is said to affect our mental and physical well-being by affecting people’s decision-making, stress levels, sleep and overall happiness. If worry is a big part of your day and it becomes a toxic burden, then it is best to get therapy to fully function.

Therapists usually suggest the following exercise to reduce worry. Firstly patients are asked to make a time frame for whether the event will happen. For example in 6 months, 1 year etc. Secondly, they are asked to keep their worry list to fewer than 10. Then they are asked to place their worries on a calendar and check in on it at least a few weeks before the date. You can then look at how many of these worries, actually happened. It is advised to repeat this experiment until patients feel more in control of their behavior.