US airlines fail to offer healthy food choices

CNN reported that US air lines are not offering their passengers healthy meal choices. The survey looked at the leading US airlines and found that passengers were not provided with low calorie healthy options. The research showed that airlines were not willing to share their meals nutritional information with their passengers. The research looked at 12 US airlines meals in the areas of calories, portion sizes, fat, sugar and salt levels. Here are the few airlines that were ranked as the best for healthy airline meals.


In first place – Virgin America- This airline was ranked as one of the best. They offer healthy meals at 400 calories a portion. Plus the meal options provided are high in protein. However the airline needs to provide healthy snack options.


In second Place – Delta Air lines – Delta has improved its airplane food by offering low calorie options and provide their passengers with calorie information. For example their grilled chicken is 460 calories and their fruit breakfast medley is 560 calories. Their snacks however are vary from 800 calories plus to 45 calories.


In second place – JetBlue Airways- JetBlue Airways shared second place with Delta because they provided calories and nutritional information for their meals and some snacks. Their snack boxes are a great option, although they are high in calories at 500 calories, they are the best in terms of nutrition.


If you are a frequent flyer and you are not quite sure if healthy meals are available on your flight pack a substantial meal with some nutritious snacks. Healthy snack options could include nuts, muesli bars and sandwiches.