Advice on Replacing Your Camper Cushions

Camper cushions must be replaced more often than other types of cushions. Your camper gets some rough wear and tear on just one summer outing. People often eat and drink while sitting on camper cushions. They may sleep on them. They sweat, spill and sometimes these cushions are exposed to rain and wind.

All these activities will cause the foam rubber to break down more rapidly. It can even disintegrate in time and turn into a fine dust that is very harmful to breathe. Before this happens, be sure to replace your old, worn-out camper cushions.

Below are all types of foam that would be comfortable and inexpensive to use in camper cushions:

Conventional foam mattress

Memory foam mattress

Memory toppers

Natural latex mattress

Latex toppers

Convoluted foam mattress

Customizing foam cushions for boats is simple as well. It’s easy to go ahead and replace all your cushions at one time. You can either cut the foam yourself or get someone to do it for you. The Foam Factory, for example, can handle the job. Simply let them know what type of foam rubber you want. Make a list of the number and size of the cushions you need.

Although many people may use plastic fabric to cover boat and camper cushions, a lovely cotton fabric may perform better. This is due to the fact that plastic covers hold moisture within, but cotton cloth dries quickly. Simply place the cushions in the sun to dry and refresh them in no time. Be sure to check out The Foam Factory to get more information about foam rubber for camper cushions.