Reasons to Change Bed Linens


Summary: Clean the linens in your bedroom to keep your bedroom safe and healthy.

You’ve seen the expose segments on TV: hotels that forget to change their linens! This is a very real problem while you’re travelling, but what about while you’re home? We often forget to change our linens without a second thought, leaving our bed linens to rest for months at a time. What sorts of consequences do we face? Read on for the ugly truth, and tips on how to fix the problem.


The most important reason is also the most basic: cleanliness. Simply put, sheets left on the bed for too long begin to smell stale and may show physical signs of dirt or grime. You might see the outline of sweat your body leaves, or other discoloration that is unpleasant. A simple wash will solve most of these problems, but severe stains may require new bedding altogether.


Over time, your duvet covers accumulate dust and grime that gets into the fabrics. A simple wash may not be enough to cleanse your bedding of dander that causes allergies. And that’s also not including pet dander, which can lead you to wash more frequently and fade colors. Sometimes, it’s best to have a few different bedding sets and rotate them.

Final Thoughts

Changing your bedding isn’t just a cleanliness issue, it’s a health issue too. Changing linens helps you keep the bedroom free from harmful particulates that may disrupt your sleeping patterns. Changing linens may also come down to necessity, as summer linens may not provide enough warmth for winter. It’s best to plan ahead and keep a few sets handy.