Always use dry fast foam for the outdoors

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

After a couple of seasons spent on your patio, your outdoor furniture may start to wear off with mildew or stains. Foam cushions in outdoor furniture are subject to elements such as rain and sun. While the sun is beneficial to help dry down the foam and eliminate dust mites and certain microbes. In rainy weather, the cushions might absorb water, without having the possibility of evacuating it. Humid cushions could give rise to allergies and can favor the proliferation of mildew.

You could adopt a regular cleaning and maintenance time table to make sure that your furniture lasts longer. You could clean your foam cushions using a mixture of mild soap and water. The cushion should be allowed to dry completely before storing to prevent mildew. Mildew usually thrives in damp areas and give an unpleasant smell to your cushions.

To avoid the discomforts brought about by the formation of mildew on your outdoor cushions, you can opt for a change in your foam seat. You can carry out the foam replacement project yourself and this time around you can opt for a dry fast foam to avoid the hassles of cushions that take long to dry.

Carlo Badalamenti has risen to VP of his company, the Foam Factory. This company has been operating since 1980 and provides various solutions for your foam replacement projects. They sell a unique product, the Dry-fast foam which is durable and anti-microbial, ideal for outdoor applications.