Anti-Microbial Properties of Natural Latex

Written by Carlo Badalamenti

Latex mattresses are not all the same. The foam materials used to manufacture your beds can either come from natural raw materials or synthesized ones. Natural Latex is a better choice for those looking for environmental friendly materials in their home. These are biodegradable yet highly durable foam materials that can be used on mattresses and on furniture. Latex mattress toppers can last about a decade longer than their synthetic types.

Carlo Badalamenti from Foam Factory explains that the natural latex is a better choice for bed mattresses. First, it’s hypoallergenic, and unlike its chemically manufactured version, the raw materials are harvested from rubber plantations and are certified that no harmful toxins from adhesives and petroleum are present in the end product. Most home interior materials produce volatile organic compounds or VOCs in the air which can cause asthma and allergic reactions. This also makes the material anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and dust mite resistant. Natural Latex mattress topper is can help prevent skin allergies to those who are sensitive to VOCs. Because there are no VOCs, no chemical smells can be detected on your bed.

Apart from that, natural latex mattress Canada companies like Canada Foam by Mail can customize thickness and mattress sizes based on your interior needs. You can use it not just on your bed, but also on sofa seats and surfaces that require soft panels. Some companies can also create super plush natural latex foam, up to firm foam mattresses based on the rating prescribed by your doctor for orthopedic prescriptions.

Canada Foam by Mail offers custom latex mattress thickness and cuts for your home interior needs. Check out their product list online for different options on firmness and mattress material types.