Five things you should be concerned with when visiting a spa

People visit a spa to enjoy a relaxing couple of hours to de-stress and enjoy the benefits of a spa treatment. Since there are many New York Asian massage parlors, the quality standards of each spa can differ greatly. Here are five things you should be concerned with when visiting a spa.

Rough handling – Some therapist may be rough and offer treatments that are vigorous to the point that the client is in pain. Let your therapist know if you prefer a gentle touch over a vigorous message.

Pushy therapist – Some therapists will try to get you to buy additional treatments or products even if you have made an appointment for a specific treatment. If you feel that your therapist is pushy, politely but firmly decline.

Allergies, reactions, and overall health conditions – It is best to reveal any allergies, reactions or health conditions that may affect you during or after the treatment.

Dangers for pregnant moms – Expecting moms should avoid treatment that involves high heat, like treatments that use steam, sauna or hot tubs. Instead choose a prenatal massage, facials, reflexology or aromatherapy.

Infections – Some spas may not be as clean as you think and therefore can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Garden Retreat Spa recommends that the best way to reduce the chance of infection is to take a shower soon after your treatment and change into fresh clothing.