What Will You Pay for Contact Lenses?

Summary: There are numerous factors involved surrounding the cost of contact lenses.

Determining the overall price for contact lenses isn’t as simple as counting you pay for your lenses. You need to factor in extraneous costs like eye exams, fees, and specialty lenses like the Air Optix Aqua Multifocal lenses for example. If you suffer from astigmatism or simply require something that keeps your eyes moist, you will be given prescription that calls for a type of contact lens brand that runs at a higher cost than your standard contact lenses.

So, when you are asking yourself how much contacts are going to cost you in the long haul, take note that the exact type of model you purchase will play a big role.

Cost Factors

Eye doctors will have their own set fee for performing an eye exam. Expect to pay anywhere from $40 up to $120 – depending on the establishment. Many insurance plans will incorporate vision care into their health plans which cover an annual exam and other related costs. However, it’s important to check your current insurance plan to ensure that you are actually covered.

Try Dailies

Daily disposable contact lenses are one of the most comfortable and popular types of lenses today. Often worn in the morning and thrown away at the end of the day, the user gets a fresh pair of contact lenses every single day, leaving their eyes feeling moist. Popular contact lens suppliers like Lens.com for example carry a wide selection of dailies for you to choose from.