A Korean Spa Guide For First Timers

Although most Americans would have visited an American spa, they would be surprised to find out that most Korean massage spas are quite different. Since Koran spas are a growing trend, here is what you should expect at a traditional Korean spa.

Nudity – Most Korean spas will insist that the client is naked to ensure that they can perform their massage correctly. Nudity at Korean spas is very common, and once most clients get over their shyness, they will soon enjoy their massage to the fullest.

No talking – Korean spas are very quiet, and they do not appreciate clients talking to one another. You may, however, find clients sleeping or snoring, but most clients will be quite while enjoying their spa experience.

Korean sauna – Korean sauna run very hot or very cold. Some temperatures reach 170 – 180 degrees as Korean therapists believe extreme temperatures offer deep detoxifying benefits. You can always move from one temperature room to another if the temperature is too hot. Look at spending about 15 minutes at a time in the sauna has very hot temperatures can leave you light headed.

24 hours – Most Korean spas are open 24/7.

Cost – Spa prices can vary depending on the location. Prices can be as low as $20-$35 or as high as $100 for a range of treatments.

Experts suggest that if you are visiting a Korean spa for the first time, look at a simple, low-cost treatment to assess the staff, quality of the spa and its treatment.