Keeping a Bug Free Apartment

Bed bugs are coming, or they may already be here! Still, they aren’t the only insect to invade the home. Roaches, ants and others can find their way into your home, but all are preventable! After you read these tips, you’ll be able to spot any infestation before it starts, and you’ll catch infestations as they happen so they don’t become bigger problems for your apartment.

Clean Bedding

Bed bugs usually come from hotels, or from discarded pieces of furniture. Those who live in apartments within city limits may come into contact with them, especially if they live near alleyways. You’ll notice bits on the skin, or you may see dead bed bugs in your comforter sets. If you notice any of these signs, call an exterminator immediately! Bed bugs spread quickly, so act fast. If you’re worried about bed bugs, order a mattress bag for your bed. This special material prevents bed bugs from clinging to your mattress and from infesting the internals.

Regular Chores

Chores around the house are your best defense from infestation. Cleaning your dishes is an especially effective method of stopping ants and roaches from invading. Standing water also attracts flies, which may lay eggs and make more visitors. Keeping your space as clean as possible, and disinfecting it, will ensure your apartment stays fresh and free of bugs.

Bug Barriers

Most home improvement stores sell a bug barrier you can use to coat your home. This special kind of poison kills bugs that are already in your space, while preventing others from following the same routes into your home. Go around the borders of your apartment, and coat beneath the counters and inside the sink. Also coat windows, especially those near trees. Bug barriers are very affordable, and they can be effective at stopping infestations before they happen.

Other Tips

Modern bedding made of vinyl will stop bed bugs from spreading, so it might be worth it to you to consider changing the materials you sleep on. You should also consider moving your bed away from walls and windows. Also, the more metal incorporated into your frame, the harder it is for bed bugs to climb onto your mattress.

As for the rest of the apartment, roach spray will be a necessity. There are non-lethal ways of dealing with roaches, but you have to be careful that they don’t leave eggs in your apartment. An infestation can break out in a matter of days, so stay vigilant.