The 4 keys to a good massage

A good massage can leave you invigorated for weeks, but a bad massage can put you off in general and leave you feeling like you have been ripped off. With so many massage parlors in business, from Asian massage NY to Swedish massages, clients can be unsure if they have received a good massage. Here are 4 keys of a good massage;

Confident Touch – You should feel a confident touch as soon as a therapist lays their hands on you. A not so confident touch can make the client feel uneasy, which will take the client longer to relax.

Continuity of Touch – Your massage therapist will move from one part of your body to the next. This can cause disruption in the continuity of the sensation and the connection. This generally happens a few times in a massage, but when it happens often the client may feel that the massage is choppy or jumpy.

Complete Strokes – It is often best that the client feels complete strokes that move along the natural line of the body. If a therapist stops midway between strokes, the recipient will feel that the massage is incomplete.

Entering the Tissue at the Right Speed and Depth – Although some therapists, especially Asian massage Manhattan parlors want to connect hard and deep with a client’s muscles, the client’s body may be unwilling. Therefore, therapists should approach the clients muscles slowly and listen to the client’s body language.