Healthy tips for night shift workers

Night shift workers may find that they often get sick due to their unnatural sleep schedule. However, if changing your job/ career is not an option, here are some tips that will help you get the rest you need to stay healthy all year around.

Stick to your schedule – Sticking to a schedule will help your body reprogram your system to maintain your current sleep schedule. A schedule will help you maintain the same sleep patterns even on your off days.

Perfect your sleep hygiene – To get the best quality sleep you will have to ensure your room is dark and quiet during the day. Look at soundproofing your room and invest in light-blocking shades.

Coffee – Indulging in coffee when you wake up may help you perform better at work. However, avoid caffeine at least 4 hours before your shift ends to help you feel sleepy when you get home.

Lighten up – When you are at work make sure your work space is well lit, and you get as much natural light whenever possible.

Less light before bed – You will have to reduce the amount of light you receive when it is time to wind down. Look at wearing sun glasses during your morning commute to reduce the amount of light you receive when traveling back home.

Nap strategically – A good quality nap before your shift may also help you stay alert throughout your upcoming shift.