Why Sitting Too Long Isn’t Good

With the rise in technology and the convenience of working through the internet, more and more people are doing work seated. Many people work eight hours or more in front of their computers, sitting down. While most people think that sitting can be relaxing or less tiring, it can be very unhealthy. Studies show that people who sit for extended periods are more likely to develop medical conditions in the long run.

What is most harmful about sitting is the way that we do it. Most people often sit with their backs straight. Or worse, some slump in their seats. Both of these positions are not in any way natural. These positions can create a lot of pain in the back, neck and other parts of the body. What’s more is that it can restrict circulation in different areas. To make things worse, sitting leads to a sedentary life style. You get less exercise. This equates to higher risks for cardio vascular diseases and obesity.

Although there’s not much we can do to reduce the amount of hours we sit at work, we can make the experience better. For one, make sure that you sit properly. Try to make that your back is a slanted and that you lean back for support as well. This makes it easier for blood to circulate and creates less strain. Also get up as often as possible even if it is just for a few minutes. Stretch and walk around often so that you don’t stay seated for too long.