3 ways to detoxify in NYC


Detoxifying the mind and the body is a good way to keep the doctor away. If you have been overworked, partied hard and enjoyed family festivities, here are a few detox remedies offered from food, rest and massage NYC.

Sleep – If you have been lacking sleep, try the Mandarin New York’s Ultimate 24-hour Detox Spa package including accommodation. The treatment includes a 3 hour full body massage, which is one of the best New York Asian massage. Plus you will receive a full day’s worth of BluePrintCleanse juices. The packages also offers organic purification tea before a Thermalism series of treatments. That’s not all you will receive, the package also includes a lymphatic drainage treatment to rid your body of toxins and a soothing facial massage. All this for just $1,725 per night.

Drink – If you want to detoxify from the inside, try Organic Avenue. This raw chain of vegan shops, have been popular with celebrities and New Yorkers alike. Organic Avenue provides full five day liquid detox cleanses that are delivered to you. If you want to take your detox even further, choose a juice only plan, that provides you with variety and will reduce your cravings. (deep cleanse $250 for three-day cleanse; juices around $10 each).

Eat – If a liquid diet is not your thing, Raw food legend Pure Food & Wine is offering a “Not-Just-Juice” cleanse. Celebrities like Tracy Anderson have praised the food at this restaurant. Pure will deliver you with a range of organic, all raw breakfast, lunches, dinners plus snacks for $75 per day or $450 for the week.